Cheque splitting…
now simple

Chqmate is the world’s first interactive cheque
paying app, providing a simple and hassle-free
process for cheques splitting.

Get to know Chqmate closer

Check how it helps you to split cheques more easily and
get exclusive offers from your favorite places

You and your friends will have instant access to the
cheque on your phones.

Just a simple click, and you will be ready to pay for what you have ordered.

You will be able to track
your spending
and see
your payment history.

Be informed of your average and general
spending habits. Bet you didn’t realize how
much you spend all that money on food.

Paying through Chqmate
entitles you to an
exclusive loyalty program,
which guarantees discounts every time you
pay for a cheque.

Chqmate will manage your in-app activity to
bring you offers from restaurants list based on
your interests and spending habits.

How it works

Install the app
from the store
Share your code
with the waiter
Receive the cheque
for your meal
Get exclusive offers
from favorite places

Manage with ease
P2P transactions

Chqmate allows you to manage your
balance by giving opportunity to top up,
withdraw your funds, and also to make
and request payments.

Ready to make splitting
cheques easier?

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